PT. Awal Mula Berdikari

Initially started as a third generation pork business, PT Awal Mula Berdikari currently engages in the meat-packing, poultry, seafood and horticulture industry. It was established in October 2022 to expand the breeding, slaughtering, processing, packaging and distribution of pork, chicken, beef, seafood and vegetables across Indonesia and abroad.

Our Products and Services

Meat (Pork)

Meat (Beef)




Why Us?

Quality Products

Our commitment to promote economic and social development in rural Indonesia has empowered our stakeholders to provide the best products with strict quality control.

Best Price

Our vertically-integrated business model that encompasses different parts of the value chain allows us to competitively price our products.

Market Presence

Our extensive experience and network in the pork industry as a long-term player is leveraged across the meat-packing, poultry, seafood and horticulture industries.